Days 16-17 : Pit-stop

We've had a pit-stop day - two nights in a campsite that has electricity, a laundrette and hot showers/flushing toilets!! We're now in West Dorset, and arrived yesterday, more than a little frazzled, after a day at Peppa Pig world! We were interviewed at St Michaels, just before we left, and Alyson asked the children what they were most looking forward to.. "Peppa Pig" was Myriam's answer. So we braved the crowds (to be fair, the queues weren't bad at all) and the noise, and spent the day at Paulton's Park. We can highly recommend this theme park - really geared up to a family day out. I would say that it's more pitched at younger families - Samuel was happy on all the rides, and in fact you can take a child 90cm or above on many of them. So he and I enjoyed his first hanging rollercoaster (I screamed and laughed my way through the whole ride) and then he and Nathanael did most of the other 'thrill' rides with James - while Myriam and I went on things like the tea cups. Peppa Pig world itself was definitely the busiest and most overwhelming part of the park (constant theme music, and scary people in costumes) so we dipped in and out of there, alternating with some quieter parts of the park. 

As well as fixing some van niggles, recharging all our IT devices, and taking the opportunity to skype with some friends, we did a 'short family walk' (which turned out to be 8k!) The highlight for the boys was spotting a village of thatched cottages, and then a llama in a field (having never seen any before, they thought it was a tall sheep!) . One fish and chip supper (with another first - cheesy chips anyone?) later, and we thought they'd fall asleep easily. But it's 9.45, and two are still awake. We obviously aren't tiring them out enough yet..

PS. Notes from a Northerner in Dorset for the first time in his life.
- There are real places called Puddletown and Piddlehinton
- Delicious irony as I was cooked fish and chips by an EU migrant 
- Fields are muddy in southern England even in August. Not wise getting grass pitches on a slope for a 3.5 tonne motorhome. 
- They have Morissons in Dorset!
- This place gets even less investment in transport infrastructure than the North.
- If it's even possible the concentration of Range Rovers per square mile has increased from Surrey!


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