Days 24-30 : Cronick chronicle

Our last week has been spent in a beautiful house generously offered to us, including a long weekend with my sister Catherine and her family. We've not been updating the blog mainly because we were out doing things, and in the evening we were either busy relaxing or busy working.

For example, this last week we have fine-tuned our budget for the year to come and updated our budget tracking tool with expenses so far. Our budget tool is a critical piece of our family infrastructure and every penny spent is recorded. It's one of those paradoxical things but it turns out if you think about money, you end up not having to think about money. Where as if you don't think about money, it becomes something you can't avoid thinking about.

Calstock viaduct. Devon on left. Cornwall on right.
I've also been doing some work in the evenings for the Banque de France. I haven't quite finished my current job there and am attending a work meeting in Copenhagen end of August before heading to Paris 4th-8th September for my final week before my sabbatical. Although I love the work I've been doing for the past 2 years and I look forward to talking about it to 28 other central banks in Denmark, I'll be glad to disconnect entirely on the 8th September. It's been one of those projects where I couldn't avoid thinking about it when out of the office, because if the truth be told I didn't really want to. I was having too much fun.

On the activity side we had a day at the beach including a swim for the bravest, we had a day out on a sailing boat about which you will no doubt hear more, we went up the Tamar valley railway and walked back to the pretty town of Calstock. In other news we let our children buy Nerf guns, and on Sunday we joined with the Plymouth Vineyard church for their family worship.

We've set off again in Lucia, the van, and we're now near Lostwithiel, and tomorrow it's the Eden Project! Big excitement for the world's biggest greenhouse...


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