Days 115-120 Marketing and Milton Keynes

I've just spent a couple of days with Samuel in Paris, and while walking through the streets, looking at shop fronts, we had some great discussions about advertising.
He wondered why people would buy from one shop as opposed to another (in Paris, shops seem to be in clusters - you might walk along one road and find 5 or 6 clothes shops, and in another street there will be several toy shops, for example). 

I was surprised by Samuel's thoughts, and perception, and so I quote 
"Mum - to run a good shop, what you need is
1) to have an attractive window display
2) to do good advertising and marketing, so that people want to buy what you have to sell
3) to sell quality goods that people want to buy
4) to sell at a fair price."

This is quite rare from a boy who usually is looking how to make the most money he can!

Meanwhile, back in the UK - we've borrowed a lovely house just outside Milton Keynes for the week. We chose the house primarily for its fantastic playroom - the house belongs to a home ed family with children about the same age as ours, and so we have done very very little visiting anywhere. The motorhome has in fact, only been out to make trips to and from Luton airport.

We have loved village life - we've been for a drink to the village pub, and each of the children has been to their own youth group/teddy club, which they have thoroughly enjoyed.


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