Jour 362 - Are we nearly there yet? On est bientôt arrivés?

Since we left the last destination on our Atackopoly board, it's felt a bit like a waiting game - we're waiting to go home again.

We have a hopefully amazing week planned at New Wine at the end of July, and when we were thinking about what we wanted to do with the month inbetween, we decided to go back to a few of our favourite spots.

So we're back in Cornwall. Let me give you a guided tour of how we got here...

Whilst on the Isle of Wight we mostly did this:
(the onsite pool, we were in here almost every day, the weather was so fabulous)

and this! Yes that's right, lots of eating, drinking, and swimming. Actually we did a fair bit of cycling too, as the Isle of Wight has a great off road cycle path, along a disused railway (as I am the one usually pulling Myriam, hills are not my friend). This was definitely one of our favourite Caravan and Camping Club sites - the pool is AMAZING, and the Isle of Wight is small, so everything (if you choose to go anywhere is maximum one hour's drive away, even in a 7m motorhome..

As well as visiting the Needles, we
also made it to Osborne House for the day, and loved seeing how Prince Albert put his family first, making sure all the children knew how to garden and do practical jobs around the house (inside the Swiss Cottage the girls learnt to bake and sew, while the boys were taught things like carpentry).  And yes, they all loved dressing up too. So we joined in!

After a short ferry journey back to the main land we headed to Corfe Castle, a part of the UK that James hadn't been to before. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to persuade him to take the motorhome across the little chain ferry outside Swanage, so we'll have to save that for another time.  We did manage to visit Corfe Castle (although I can't tell you much more about it because it seems like this photo was taken in the only 5 minutes of that day where everyone was smiling ;-) )
RSPB explorer backpacks - they were fab!

We moved on from Corfe Castle to Portesham - only really chosen because we couldn't stay at Corfe Castle any longer, the campsite was full!  but we were happy - back to flat ground with a disused railway line to cycle along..  It was baking hot, so we mostly avoided the beaches (a pity because we'd been hoping to go fossil hunting) and instead went bird spotting, bug hunting and pond dipping at the Amazing RSPB Radipole Lake in Weymouth. We'd only chosen that carpark as the easiest place to park the motorhome near to the church we wanted to go to, so the afternoon spent in the reserve was a bonus..

Since Monday we've been here in Cornwall, on the North Coast this time, near Padstow.. But I'll post about that next time...


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