Days 60-62 : Photo journal

Today's post is a photo journal of our last few days, starting with an updated map of where we have been so far...

Blue = overnight, Yellow = visited, Green = home base, Red line = Lucia route
On Saturday we participated in the Great British Beach Clean with MCS at Minnis Bay, Birchington
We picked up mainly bits of fishing net, plastic cups and ear-bud sticks

The cleaning team

I had an awful caffine withdrawal headache after running out of coffee. Not going to let that happen again. Am going free-from caffine headaches. We now carry a 1Kg bag of beans in the van at all times.

On Sunday we joined the congregation of Christ Church Canterbury, better known as Canterbury Cathedral. We were warmely welcomed and the children's groups were great.

We roped in a passer-by to take this. I didn't notice the big blue Pilgrimage sign at the time...
This (sorry it's blurred). The French church still meets and we met a French lady outside the coffee shop

Today we went on an educational visit to Dover Castle.

We had a whole double-decker bus to ourselves on the way

Our children made a point of shooting at every other tourist in the vicinity

Daddy daddy take my photo

Medieval castle on left. Roman lighthouse on right. Napoleonic reinforcements everywhere. WW2 tunnels underneath.


  1. You forgot the running totals of "are we there yet" and if camper has an indoor toilet, if not we also need running statistics on bathroom stops! Love the photos love Cantabury, keep enjoying...I find plenty of coffee through the day, to avoid caffeine withdrawal, followed by plenty of wine at night to regain Sanity, it's probably the perfect combo!xx

    1. Are we nearly there yet comes approx every 30 mins from myriam, and only when we pull over from the boys, as they're too engrossed in whatever film they have chosen (trying to travel screen free is worse than pulling out my own toe nails I think. ..)


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