Cooking in the campervan 1 : Vegetable broth

I made some vegetable broth for lunch and this is how. Warning : this is not a recipe. If this gets a good reception then I might try more detailed recipes but, for a start, I don't have a weighing scale so that could be tricky.

PS. I'm also experimenting with software. If this works then I'll get rid of the watermarks in the video.


  1. Love it!! Have learnt many things (adding soy sauce & red pesto!) and where do you get dried soya mince??

    1. Thanks Jenni. Soya mince can usually be found in Naturalia, Bio Coop et cie. I think Houra also sell it online. Something like this although the bits I used were even smaller

    2. Great, thanks, will check it out :D We like spaghetti bolognese etc. and I have been looking for a decent veggie alternative to minced beef. I even brought some frozen soya chunks and mince back from the UK last time! Dried soya mince will be a bit easier to transport! More recipes please, with your very cute Venetian blonde assistant...!


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