Ravenglass Camping and Caravanning Club site

After Ullswater, we travelled South-West to the Ravenglass Camping and Caravanning Club site, which had been recommended to us by family.

To be honest, we probably wouldn't have picked this site out of all that the CCC has to offer in the Lake District, if it weren't for their recommendation. For starters, it's not next to a lake! We also didn't like the fact that the play area is not within the campsite boundaries.  We're glad that they sold it to us.

First things first - the practicalities. The play area is lovely for young children - probably up to about age 7/8 maximum. It's not campsite property, it is run by the local council, and is just next to the Ravenglass train station. So if you're a steam train fan, you'll be delighted to spend hours supervising your children here - the play area even has a train theme to it. There's also a large field opposite, great for ball games and wood exploration. However, not so suitable for our needs - we want the boys to be able to go off and play by themselves within the campsite boundaries.

 The beauty of the campsite itself more than made up for the play area - we loved the view from our front window! 

 There were picnic tables, and even pheasants, throughout the campsite.. It's a lightly wooded site, with bushes or trees forming natural boundaries between many of the pitches.
This notice surprised me - that the local council will manually sort rubbish from recyling?  Lack of recyling facilities has been the bane of our camping experience - we've been sorting our rubbish, but then often find we just have to throw everything into the one bin. CCC - how about starting onsite composting bins?

 Now this was the real bonus - the family shower room, with 2 showers, at different heights. Minor disappointment at the lack of baby bath from Myriam, but delight from everyone at such a large shower room

 Another major benefit of the site is easy access to transport - as it's situated right in the village of Ravenglass, the mainline train station is less than 5 minutes walk away.


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