Day 201 - kicking off a big stretch of camping

Today we left the warm comfort of a big house in Eaglescliffe, near Stockton-on-Tees where we have been staying since mid January. After saying goodbye to our friends John & Kathie at their church (All Saints Preston-on-Tees), we drove up the A1 and along the A69 to Brockalee campsite a few miles west of Hexham. This is what it was like at about 3:30pm today...

Since the sun went down it's been a lot cooler, however we are warm and cozy in Lucia with good insulation and either gas or electric heating, au choix.

We're here to visit Hadrian's Wall, which we're going to do tomorrow and hopefully we'll also see the ruins of the Roman town of Vindolanda. Today kicks off our longest stretch of camping so far with an initial week travelling through Northumberland followed by 3 weeks in Edinburgh, and then at least a month exploring the highlands and islands of Scotland. So we're going to be in the van for the next 2 months - which should be interesting. 

That's all for this post - we'll follow up with some news about what we got up to in January. Thanks for all your comments; keep them coming.


  1. It was sooooo good having you with us. Tachat is wandering around mournfully wondering where her friends are and where her next meal is coming from. Come back as you pass by this part of the country again. Xxx

  2. Praying for your day out on the wall. Jon


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