Day 234 - vlog madness in the Highlands

We've just driven across the top of Scotland from Durness in the north-west to a little place called Huna, near John 'o Groats in the north-east. This will be our 105th night in the motorhome since we set off and I've just discovered, thanks to a low water pressure problem, that the water pump has been wired in wrongly since day 1. Having fixed that the water pressure is now good, rather than barely tolerable as it has been until now. I care a lot about that, although I realise you care much less and would rather have videos of Myriam being cute - so to reward you for reading about my water pressure issues, here you are...

That was recorded a couple of weeks ago in Edinburgh, before the snow, and as you can probably make out is mainly about babies. In case you were wondering it is in English with one word of French near the end.

Since we left Edinburgh we have been travelling through the highlands, with an initial stop on the shores of Loch Ness in Foyers. The main question we've had from friends since we went to Loch Ness is - did we see Nessie? Well decide for yourselves... commentary by Samuel

Finally, while we were staying in Sango Bay in Durness we walked over the headland to Smoo Cave. What is a Smoo, you may ask? Well you'll be glad you did, answer in the video below...

Our time in Durness has been amazing, and probably our favourite location so far. Our video editing and production skills are still quite basic, but we hope you enjoyed watching those and we look forward to making some new ones.


  1. Hi, loved seeing a bit of the far north! And my, your kids havr grown since we saw you down here. I'll show my kids this blog. They love caves too. I'm.currently pn "day 207 of parental leave. It gets better with time, almost like settling in to it. The kids haven't asked me to gp.back to work in a while (they did when we talked about our tight budget!!). Who needs soft play when you have chickens??! You all look. Really well by the way!

  2. Great Nessie video guys ....


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