First week in Aviemore - By Nathanael and Myriam

On Tuesday we went skiing with Samuel.
I(N) crashed a lot, but then had fun going superfast, without braking by making a pizza (also known as the snowplough, for those of you who ski).. Daddy did some snowboarding, and he came to visit us while we were having our lesson with Katie.

"Katie is a funny one - her just fall over every time. When her teaches me it's so ridiculous"

This is Katie showing us we are supposed to have our skis sideways and not downwards, so they don't slide.

This is Nathanael (with his teacher) skiing and Samuel is getting on his skis. The little blue skis are Myriam's ones.
The end of a hard day's skiing lessons

On Friday we went to an indoor play area, there were little rides where you needed to pay money, and the best one (a helicopter) was out of order. I(N) liked the slide the best.

On Saturday we went to the Highland Wildlife Park. We saw two tigers, two polar bears, and a 'not llama'. Did you know, the real colour of a polar bear's skin is actually black, to keep the heat in, because in the North Pole it is very cold. His fur is transparent, and reflects the light. The tigers were put into their cage while the keeper hung up their food for lunch. One tiger was born at the park, and the other tiger one came on a journey from another zoo.

Today we went to to church, and I liked the groups. (M) Byebye

Hope you enjoyed this page of the blog. Now we're going to have family film night. Bye, from Nathanael. 


  1. I am exhausted just reading this...thank u for polar bear skin info...who knew!


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