Day 276: These are a few of my favourite things - Mull

As you may already have gathered, we had a fantastic time on Mull. We stayed for 2 weeks at the Tobermory Campsite. We've given you some snap shots, and a week on, I thought it would be helpful to reflect on our time there. With an 8 hour ferry crossing from Belfast to Liverpool, we had time to talk - so I interviewed each of the children to find out what they thought. I've included lots of links to places, so if you're planning a trip there with young kids, you don't have to search far to find our favourite places..


My favourite thing on Mull was the Tobermory Evangelical Church because they gave out giant chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.
I loved the Bunny Hunt at Glengorm Castle - because they gave out chocolates at the end.
and I liked the aquarium because it was fun, they had water and sand play areas. I touched a crab.
I liked the Isle of Mull Cheese farm because we got to see the cows being milked and we got to see the calves.
I liked Iona as well, and I liked the (Tobermory) library, and I liked the Eagle Watch.
Everything was perfect. The end of Nathanael's part.

I liked the aquarium because there were all sorts of fish and some other sea creatures and there was Blue Planet playing on the big screen. I held some crabs and starfish.

And another day we went to a castle (Glengorm) and we did an Easter Egg hunt. After the Easter Egg hunt we got some chocolates. As well, at the same castle, we did some whale watching, and I saw some otters.

Myriam had some friends who were renting a house opposite us. The owner was building an extension, and he let us have a go in his digger.

I liked the ferry we got when we left the island because we bumped into one of Myriam's friends on it.

My least favourite thing was that, because it was an island, there weren't many things on it. They should build a big swimming pool. [There is a public pool, in a hotel in Craignure, but finding out about opening hours etc proved quite tricky]


I loved skyping with Ellie. Thank you Andrew and Emilia for playing with me. I really do want to see them again.
I liked making my doudou whale (with the Hebridean whale trust).

My favourite Mull ice-cream was chocolate.  I really liked watching the milking and the baby cows, because I had a great time watching Samuel doing it (helping with the milking ). Especially I liked watching the baby cows being fed. That's all. 


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