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Days 300 - 308 : Samuel vlog - sailing in the cotswolds

hello it's Samuel again, here is a video of me sailing with my uncle George. INFO Capsizing is the boat tipping over! Tacking is the front of the boat going through the water! Jibing is the back of the boat going through the water!  

Stuff review 1 - Baofeng BF-888 Walkie Talkies (USB charging)

So we bought four of these Baofeng BF-888 walkie talkies with USB charging stations. Here they are in action : This is the item we bought x2 :®-400-470-BaoFeng-Rechargeable-Headphone/dp/B07B7FL3CN/ref=sr_1_17 This is the shorter compatible antenna which we have put on one of them : Great product, five stars.

Day 299 - the journey so far

I thought it was about time that I gave you an updated one of these. Personally, I always want to see the big picture... Someone asked me last week, "how do you decide where to go?" It's a good question, as knowing where you are going is usually an essential element of any journey. The answer for us has been more to do with people than places. Our seemingly random zigzags across England are a consequence of seeing family at certain times, of house-swaps with strangers, and opportunities to see friends grabbed in between. Just this last week, we have just visited the Peak District and Manchester staying with my friends Christian and Ashley in Wilmslow, and then moved on to Sherwood Forest and Nottingham visiting Laura's friends Nina and Ian. There was a vague overall master plan before we set out, which was really nothing more than starting in Cornwall and then travelling north to Scotland in the New Year - both of which we did. Indeed, now the overa

Day 287 - encouragement

I promised another blog post about positive discipline, and as we've been spending the last 10 days relatively 'still' in Wrightington with Grandma Sue, I've got some brain space to be able to do this (ably assisted by a kid-free day yesterday!)  So here's the story of Nathanael's 'bonhomme' We noticed that Nathanael was really struggling with doing things we asked him to, from getting dressed, to doing the washing-up. With Samuel, you can just remind him that this is our family agreement, and this is usually enough for him to get on with the task in hand. With Nathanael, even if he had agreed on a solution (getting dressed before breakfast, for example), he could just say 'no' to doing it, and nothing would get him to change his mind - no threats, bribes, consequences, re-discussion of solutions... This drove me crazy, and it was taking up far too much of our time and energy. So I picked up my positive discipline book and re-read the 'm