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Jour 363 - on ne fait que rencontrer des français...

Nous sommes aux Cornouailles, de nouveau, et nous commençons à préparer le retour..Nous nous inquiétions un peu pour Nathanael et Myriam , qui nous disent qu'ils ont tout oublié. Mais pendant notre voyage depuis le Dorset, ils ont regardé un film sur Nausicaa (le centre nautique à Boulogne sur Mer), tout en français, sans aucun souci :-) Depuis qqs jours, les jeunes français sont en vacances (en Angleterre les vacances commencent plus tard, vers le 20 juillet d'habitude) et il nous semble qu'il y on a pas mal autour de nous. Nous avons rencontré un groupe d'étudiants et puis une famille française pendant notre visite au Eden Project (et oui, Myriam a tourné la tête en entendant la maman proposer un petit gâteau à son fils - et en a gagné un, pour le coup :-) Nous sommes venus ici l'année dernière, et on a le droit de revenir dans l'année. L'endroit est tellement beau, magnifique et grand que nous avons bien eu besoin des 2 jours. En fait, revenir

Jour 362 - Are we nearly there yet? On est bientôt arrivés?

Since we left the last destination on our Atackopoly board, it's felt a bit like a waiting game - we're waiting to go home again. We have a hopefully amazing week planned at New Wine  at the end of July, and when we were thinking about what we wanted to do with the month inbetween, we decided to go back to a few of our favourite spots. So we're back in Cornwall. Let me give you a guided tour of how we got here... Whilst on the Isle of Wight we mostly did this: (the onsite pool, we were in here almost every day, the weather was so fabulous) and this! Yes that's right, lots of eating, drinking, and swimming. Actually we did a fair bit of cycling too, as the Isle of Wight has a great off road cycle path, along a disused railway (as I am the one usually pulling Myriam, hills are not my friend). This was definitely one of our favourite Caravan and Camping Club sites - the pool is AMAZING, and the Isle of Wight is small, so everything (if you choose to go any

Day 348 - Low mileage, good run-about, sleeps 6

This post is part sales-pitch, part maintenance log, part equipment review, and part love-story. For the past 10 months our home has been the safe and comfy interior of our 2006 Hymer Classic 644 camper. It has taken us everywhere we've asked it to, and dealt with all the crazy roads and hills we've ventured up and down, and it has kept us warm and dry whatever the weather. It - or should that be 'she', her name is Lucia - has given other drivers moments of panic as they suddenly imagined being stuck on a country lane for hours, and yet those difficult moments quickly passed as our reversing camera allowed us to resolve the situation. Sometimes she has felt too big, and sometimes she has been too small - but most of the time she has been just right. We bought Lucia on the 18th May 2017 in preparation for our year-long tour of the UK and have been very happy with our decision. She sleeps the 5 of us comfortably, and we have even occasionally slept 7 when fam

Samuel vlog - Battle of Hastings

Here is a video of the battle of Hastings of course I don't mean that I went back to the 11th century and took a video safely standing on a hill!!! Now you know what I mean!